We are members of the San Diego LGBT community who enjoy playing table top, board, card and role playing games. Our goal is to create spaces where LGBT people, their friends, and allies who love games can come together to socialize, make some new friends, and share a hobby they love. Or maybe just participate in an activity you haven’t tried since you were a kid!

We can play anything to hours long, deep strategy games to fast-paced fifteen minute puzzle games to large-group party games. We strive to keep everyone engaged and having fun, regardless of your interests and skill level.

Contact Information

Facebook Group facebook.com/groups/sdboardgaymers
Meetup meetup.com/SDBoardGaymers

Areas of Interest

  • Board Games
  • Strategy Games
  • Card Games
  • Party Games
  • Cooperative Games
  • Puzzle Games

Recurring Activities

  • Game Night (Wednesdays, every other) – Small group game night hosted every other week in the Hillcrest Neighborhood
  • Game Night (Wednesdays, monthly) – Small group game night hosted one Wednesday per month near San Diego State University
  • All-Day Game Day (Saturdays, monthly) – Monthly all-day event hosted one Saturday per month

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