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Make a One-Time Donation

Tabletop Gaymers is a nonprofit organization. We rely entirely on donations for our funding. Donations are welcome from individuals, organizations, and corporations who are LGBTQ+ supportive. With your help, we can reach thousands of fellow gaymers and allies.

Donate $25 or more and we will send you a swag kit that will include a SPONSOR ribbon as well as both GAYMER and ALLY badge ribbons for your next convention. We’ll also include a couple buttons and wristbands if you like!

Your donation will be added to our general fund. This fund is used for whatever is needed most at the time. That might be purchasing more swag for conventions; supporting our Gayme Night program for Community Centers; providing honorariums for speakers, such as Queer as a 3-Sided Die; or our general operating expenses. You can also choose to direct your gift if you prefer.

You can be listed in our Sponsors Directory as an Individual Donor. (optional)

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity, donations made to Tabletop Gaymers may be deducted in the U.S. as per the IRS Code Section 170. You will receive a receipt for your donation as well as an annual summary.

Thank you for making a donation!