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This is an embedded form. Your data is transmitted directly to DonorBox and does not pass through the Tabletop Gaymers server. If you prefer, you may use this non-embedded donation form on the DonorBox website.

Make a One-Time Donation

Tabletop Gaymers is a nonprofit organization. We rely entirely on the charity of our donors for our funding. Donations are welcome from individuals, organizations, and corporations who support our mission and the LGBTQIA+ community at large. With your help, we can reach thousands of fellow gaymers and allies.

This one-time donation is given without any benefits (other than lots of warm fuzzies). If you prefer, you can Donate with Rewards and choose the swag you’d like to receive in return for your donation. Or if you’re interested in providing long time support, please consider joining our Team of Sustaining Donors.

No problem! We love our supporters regardless of their ability to contribute financially. You are welcome to enter any amount of $5 or more in the the “Custom Amount” field. Donations of less than $5 cannot be submitted through DonorBox.

If you’re planning on donating $50 or more, we would love it if you would Join the Team of Sustaining Donors instead! By making a sustaining donation, you can donate a smaller amount each month and provide support for as long as you wish. This provides Tabletop Gaymers with a more steady stream of support and allows us to make better plans for the future. Plus, you get access to insider newsletters and occasional sustaining donor giveaways!

If you wish to donate more than $100 in a single donation, we ask that you donate through PayPal Giving Fund (PPGF) instead of DonorBox (the form on this page). When you donate through PPGF, 100% of your contribution will go directly to Tabletop Gaymers, PayPal covers all of the fees, and you will receive a third-party tax receipt through them.

  1. go to our PayPal Giving Fund
  2. confirm that “Tabletop Gaymers Inc” is the charity
  3. enter the donation in the “Other” field
  4. make sure that “Share my name and email…” is CHECKED
  5. complete the donation on PayPal using your choice of payment
  6. complete our Donor Information Form after you are done

Why don’t we use PPGF for every donation? Well, we’d love to, but the donor management tools that PPGF provides are severely lacking and are problematic for tracking donations. But it is worth the extra effort for larger donations where they cover all of the processing fees.

Your donation will be added to our general fund. This fund is used for whatever is needed most at the time. That might be purchasing more swag for conventions; supporting our Gayme Night program for Community Centers; providing honorariums for speakers, such as Queer as a 3-Sided Die; launching our Safe Space for Retailers initiative; and our general operating expenses.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity, donations made to Tabletop Gaymers may be deducted in the U.S. as per the IRS Code Section 170. You will receive a receipt for your donation as well as an annual summary.

Thank you for donating!