Tabletop Gaymers has set up a Discord Server to help people connect with others, make new friends, play games, and have a good time. What is Discord? Check out this short video: How Discord Works in 148,000 Milliseconds or Less.

If you are already familiar with Discord, here is the TL;DR:

  • click the invite link –
  • you will be added to the #welcome channel and Dyno (Bot) should greet you
  • Dyno’s message will direct you to the #rules channel
  • read and then agree to the rules by giving the message a :thumbsup: (????)
  • Zira (Bot) will promote you to the Member role, which has access to the rest of the channels

You must agree to the message in #rules channel before you will gain regular access. Please be patient, the Zira bot can sometimes take a bit to respond. If you are not given the Member role after completing these steps, hop back into #welcome and post a message in that channel.

If you aren’t already familiar with Discord, read on.

Link to Discord App

Hello Discord Newb!

If you’re not familiar with Discord, don’t worry, neither was our president before all of this!

Discord is basically a chat server on steroids, or more accurately, Nitro.

There are discussion channels where you can chat about different topics and voice/video channels where you can connect in real time to play games. The reason Tabletop Gaymers is setting up a Discord server is we are wanting to help people connect with others, make new friends, play games, and have a good time.

Quick note… there are no games on Discord itself; it is just a communication platform that you can use to text chat and voice/video talk while you’re playing a game. You will need to have your own digital copy to play most games. But there are many games, like Jackbox, where only one person needs to own the game for lots of people to play.

Getting Started – Create a Discord Account

The first step is to set up your Discord account (it’s free). Go to and click “Login” at the top and then “Register” at the bottom of the window. After entering your email, picking a username, and entering a password, it will take you to the web app version of Discord. It will probably try to get you to set up your own server or add friends right away, I suggest skipping this for now.

Verify Your Account

The Tabletop Gaymers Discord Server is set up to only allow VERIFIED accounts. Discord will have sent an email to the address you entered asking you to verify your email address. You won’t be able to join our server until you do. Just check your email and click on the Verify Email link.

Join the Tabletop Gaymers’ Discord Server

After you’ve verified your account, click this link to accept the invite to the Tabletop Gaymers Discord Server. But don’t stop here! You will need to take a couple of extra steps for you gain full access.


The link to join will take you to our #welcome channel. We have an “bot” called Dyno that monitors the channel and should welcome you. It will instruct you to head over to the #rules channel. You can find the list of channels in the left navigation. There are just two for starters, #welcome and #rules. If you have any problems getting started, just ask in the #welcome channel.


Once you click on the #rules channel, you’ll see a posting about our rules. Read over those and then give the rules a “thumbs up” (????) response. You must do this by clicking on the thumbs up counter at the bottom of this message (the #rules channel itself is locked, so you can’t type anything but you can react to things that are already posted).

A different bot, called Zira, monitors that message and when you give it a thumbs up it should assign to you the Member role. Once you are a member of the server, you will see the rest of the channels (and the #welcome channel will disappear).

Note that it sometimes take Zira a couple minutes to make the change, but usually it is just a few seconds. Do not “remove, add, remove, add, …” your reaction trying to get the bot to respond, it will only confuse it. When you remove your reaction, Zira will actually take away your Member role and you will lose permissions to the other channels.

If you have difficulties gaining the Member role, hop back in to the #welcome channel and request assistance.


After you gain the Member role, a whole bunch of other channels show up. Feel free to explore a bit, but be sure to hop over to the #introductions channel and tell everyone a little bit about yourself. Please keep the #introductions channel to just introductions and positive reactions to other people’s posts. General conversation in #introductions will be removed without notice.


That’s about it for getting started! There is lots to check out and many channels to explore. If you’ve gotten started, but need help with anything else, just ask in the #help channel.

We look forward to seeing you on the server!