Tabletop Gaymers brings LGBTQ+ diversity to gaming conventions by hosting social events, distributing GAYMER and ALLY badge ribbons, providing information booths, and hosting panel series featuring industry leaders discussing queer aspects of the gaming industry. Currently, Tabletop Gaymers attends these conventions every year.

We also have a presence at other conventions which varies depending upon the availability of the directors and speakers. These are some of the conventions we’ve attended in the past.

If you are interested in having Tabletop Gaymers come to your gaming convention, please complete the Convention Submission form. Note that this will likely mean we’re going to try to put you to work or ask you to help raise funds.

Please note, our focus is on gaming conventions. There are simply too many anime/comic conventions for us to even consider listing, much less supporting.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  However, if your non-gaming convention has a large contingent of tabletop game playing events, hit us up! For a great list of gaming conventions, check out Board Game Geek’s Game Conventions wiki page.

We also offer a Bulk Rate on GAYMER and ALLY Badge Ribbons to vendors and convention organizers who wish to distribute them to attendees. But please be aware of our Badge Ribbon Distribution Policy.

Donna at GeekGirlCon