Tabletop Gaymers Inc. (“the Organization”) is a nonprofit organization incorporated and registered in the State of Iowa effective 13 May 2015.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Organization claims copyright and trademarks (USPTO Serial Number: 87577936) on all of its original content, material, and marks. This claim is made regardless of material, medium, color, presentation, font, weight, case, and any other derivations of these marks.

For the purposes of descriptive text, the (%) symbol denotes a stylized hexagon with twelve interconnected lines representing a “twenty-sided die” typically used in role playing games.

At present, the Organization claims current use of all of these marks:

  • Tabletop Gaymers Inc
  • Tabletop Gaymers
  • Gayme Night
  • Gaymer Gathering
  • Queer as a Three-Sided Die
  • (%) GAYMER
  • (%) ALLY
  • SP(%)NSOR
  • DIRECT(%)R

The Organization makes no claims on the term “gaymer” as it is recognized as being part of the common lexicon.

If you wish to use our material for advertising or fundraising on our behalf, please contact us first for permission.

If you have questions concerning our incorporation, nonprofit status, or trademarks, please email [email protected].

Jeffrey T Sorensen, President
Tabletop Gaymers Inc.