Badge ribbons are worn to show pride and support and to raise the awareness of the diversity of the attendees at an event. They help build the community of gaymers and allies by self-identification. Pronoun ribbons are used to help normalize the conversation around gender identity. The idea is that the awareness of their presence helps enhance the environment of the convention, promotes interaction and community building, networking, and plain old fun. The gaymer ribbon is also the cornerstone and beginning of Tabletop Gaymers’ history.

These badge ribbons are always distributed for free to attendees at the conventions and events where we have a presence. If you are distributing ribbons on behalf of Tabletop Gaymers, please be aware of our Badge Ribbon Distribution Policy.

GAYMER and ALLY Badge Ribbons

GAYMER ribbons are intended to be worn by LGBTQ+ individuals in the gaming community. Although we intend it to be inclusive, we acknowledge the term “gaymer” may not accurately reflect every queer person’s identity. For reasons that are both practical and financial, we are unable to offer the variety of ribbons that would be necessary to include every group.

ALLY ribbons are intended to be worn by any individual wanting to show their support. The ribbons were added to our collection in 2015, with a grant from Cards Against Humanity, in response to Indiana SB101, the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act.”

Blank ribbons and fabric markers are provided at many of our events, such as our Gaymer Gatherings, to allow individuals to create their very own ribbons to wear. Whether that is for individual artistic expression or to self-identify as bi, poly, ace, trans, pan, gender fluid, lesbian, gender queer, non-binary, etc.

Gaymer and Ally ribbons are available for free at events we attend. They are also available as a reward through our Donor Rewards Catalog in a sample pack for individuals, mixed display packs, and in single ribbon bulk boxes for vendors and convention coordinators.

Pronoun Badge Ribbons

Our pronoun ribbons are provided through a partnership with Greater Than Games. Brilliant green and easily recognizable at a distance, these ribbons are based on the standards set by our friends at Fill-In-Your-Own ribbons and fabric markers allow attendees to choose their own pronouns as well.

When you’re the only person who needs to communicate your pronouns, it can be uncomfortable. You don’t want to be misgendered, but the fact that you’re saying something about pronouns, while other people aren’t, marks you as different. By encouraging a broad adoption of pronoun ribbons, you help create an environment where that kind of conversation is the standard.

Pronoun ribbons are available for free at events we attend. They are also available as a reward through our Donor Rewards Catalog in a sample pack for individuals and mixed display packs for vendors and convention coordinators. For bulk purchases, please contact us or our manufacturer, MARCO Promotional.

Pride Flag Badge Ribbons

Our Pride Flag Badge ribbons are available featuring a dozen different pride flags which begins to show the diversity of our community. Each ribbon features a different pride flag.

Pride Flag Badge Ribbons are available for a small donation at events we attend. They are also available as a reward through our Donor Rewards Catalog.

Register Your Ribbon

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Send Us a Selfie

If you want to show your pride, send us a photo of yourself wearing a ribbon or other swag!

Get Badge Ribbon for Your or Your Event

We distribute badge ribbons at conventions we attend. You can pick up the ribbons for free at these events or you can select them as a donor reward if you need one to wear around the house. You can choose from any of our swag through our donor rewards catalog.

Impressive Display of Badge Ribbons