Queer Geek! is a Seattle-based organization focused on networking and connecting LGBTQ folks interested in geek activities such as gaming, SF/fantasy, comics and anime.

Contact Information

Website QueerGeekSeattle.org
Facebook Page facebook.com/QueerGeek
Facebook Group facebook.com/groups/queergeek
Meetup meetup.com/queergeek-seattle
Contact Email [email protected]

Areas of Interest

  • Board Games
  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Anime

Recurring Activities

  • Board Game Meetup (monthly)
  • Magic: The Gathering League (monthly, sometimes weekly)
  • Anime Night (monthly, currently on hiatus)
  • Movie Night (monthly, most months)
  • Pink Party (annual, around PAX West)
  • Extra Life Marathon (annual)
Queer Geek Seattle

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