DC gaymers is design to be a group of people/players who can meet up and play any game that they do desired. The point isn’t surround around the game, but around the group of people who play the game 🙂

If there is a game that you love and want to share, or see a game we have already, please, Join us!

We have two DC gaymer meet ups, one video game oriented and one table top game oriented. Let us know which your interested in 😉

Contact Information

Facebook Page facebook.com/DCGaymers
Meetup meetup.com/DC-Gaymers
Steam Community steamcommunity.com/groups/dcgaymers
Contact Email [email protected]

Areas of Interest

  • Video Games (Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, VR/AR, mobile)
  • Tabletop Games (card, map, strategy, battle, etc.)
  • Anything you want to play!
  • Drinks!

Recurring Activities

  • DC Gaymers – Video Games (every other Tuesday) – we meet up at a gay bar called Cobalt to play Video games, do raffles, and tournaments
  • DC Gaymers – Tabletop Games (every other Monday, opposite weeks of VG time) – we meet up at the Embassy Row Hotel on Mass Ave to play basic table top games, and whatever gaymers decide to bring
DC Gaymers

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