In order to better represent the diversity and pride of the community, we are looking to add a variety of “Pride Flag Badge Ribbons ” to the collection of ribbons we distribute at gaming conventions and other events. These ribbons would feature the pride flag for the individual group and can be stacked to show flags from multiple groups.

We’ve set up a GoFundMe page to help us raise the funding needed to purchasing 12,000 ribbons (1,000 ribbons of each of 12 pride flags). The cost of custom printed, full-color ribbons is significantly more than ribbons printed on a basic fabric. So we need your help to move these forward. You can also help provide long term stability by joining the Team of Sustaining Donors.

The specifics on design, which flags to use, and the wording on the ribbons (e.g. gaymer, gamer, bisexual) is yet to be determined. If you would like to provide feedback on the design, please let us know.


Here are few ideas to give you a sense of what we’re considering. These are just concepts are NOT final designs. For example, we will not be able to have three bisexual flags, these are shown to display the different wording formats. All wording formats will be the same, we’re currently leaning to all of the flags saying “gaymer” on them as a umbrella term.

Bisexual Flag with Gaymer
Bisexual Flag with Gamer
Bisexual Flag with Bi
Pansexual Flag with Gaymer
Transgender Flag with Gaymer
Asexual Flag with Ace
Lesbian Flag with Lesbian
Nonbinary Flag with Gaymer
Gay Men Flag with Gaymer