Tabletop Gaymers is requesting estimates on printed, full-color 4″ x 1-5/8″ badge ribbons, with front-side adhesive.

We estimate that there will be eight (8) different designs and would like 1,000 ribbons of each design; for a total of 8,000 ribbons.

Designs would be provided in whatever format works best for you; Adobe Illustrator (AI), Acrobat PDF, high resolution PNG, etc.

In addition to the cost for printing, please include itemized lines for shipping, taxes, discounts, and/or any additional fees such as set-up fees or change fees. If it has any impact on the cost, we are a nonprofit organization and are flexible in our delivery date (needed for events beginning May 2022).

Shipping would be to Ames IA 50010. We can provide a commercial shipping address if that reduces the shipping cost.

Please send estimates to [email protected]

Trans Pride Flag Badge Ribbon SAMPLE