Everyone is Awesome Figures

Everyone is Awesome Lego Set Giveaway

We have been given two “Everyone is Awesome” Lego sets to give away to help promote activity on our Discord Server and our Sustaining Donors program. This is an awesome set created by our fellow community member, Matthew Ashton, and you can read his story, “Why I designed Everyone is Awesome“, on Lego’s website.

Tabletop Gaymers’ Discord Server

Enter the giveaway on TG’s Discord server by following these simple steps:

  1. Join Our Server. See the “Discord Server” page on our website for the invite link and instructions on using Discord. Be sure to thumbs-up our rules in #accept.
  2. Introduce Yourself. Head over to the #introduction channel and post a little bit about yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything grandiose or too personal.
  3. Participate. Post something relevant in one of channels. For example, start a new thread, post a #selfie of your or your favorite #fuzzy-animal, or comment on someone’s post.
  4. Like the Giveaway. Head to the #prizes channel and click on the “tada” reaction on GiveawayBot’s post for the Everyone is Awesome Lego Set.

That’s It! Bob’s Your Uncle! You are, of course, encouraged to continue participating in discussions, posting cool topics, and making friends on the server.

When the drawing is complete, GiveawayBot will announce the winner. We’ll double check that you completed steps 2 & 3, then reach out for your shipping address.

Become a Sustaining Donor

Another way to win is to join the team of sustaining donors, individuals who provide a little financial support each month. By joining the team, you will become one of our most cherished contributors. They provide us with a level of stability that ensures we will always be able to accomplish our mission. With your help, we can reach thousands of fellow gaymers and allies.

After you become a sustaining donor, you can enter the extra giveaway by completing the Sustaining Donor Giveaway entry form.

Everyone is Awesome Box