Be Creative for a Cause!

We are continuously in search of unique designs for our t-shirts, enamel pins, and other donor rewards. If you’re passionate about your art and want to donate a design, we’d love to see it! Should we use your design as a donor reward, we’ll express our gratitude by sending you one of those rewards.

General Guidelines

  • Ensure your designs cater to all audiences; any “Not Safe For Work” submissions will not be accepted.
  • We request designs be presented visually (e.g., a drawing or graphic). Written descriptions or design suggestions will not be considered.
  • Using trademarked or copyrighted material without express written permission from the rightful owner is prohibited. If you have permission, please provide the relevant documentation when submitting your design.
  • Your submission implies you’re granting Tabletop Gaymers unrestricted and irrevocable rights to your design. Please familiarize yourself with our Photo and Artwork Submission Policy for a more in-depth understanding.

Designs for Enamel Pins

  • Given the minute details of enamel pins, your designs should be simple and clear.
  • Avoid gradients or shading and limit your designs to between 6-12 solid colors.
  • Anticipate a minimum metal outline of 0.3 mm for each color and a 0.5 mm diameter space for the enameling needle. Ensure text is readable at a minimum size of 5 pt.
  • Typically, we don’t produce enamel pins that necessitate screen printing, knockouts, or dies exceeding a 50 mm (approximately 2 inches) diameter circle.
  • Vector images, like those from Adobe Illustrator, are ideal.
  • For a deeper dive into the intricacies of pin design, we recommend checking out the WizardPins’ Enamel Pin Guide.

Designs for T-Shirts

  • T-Shirt designs offer more freedom but remember to account for variations in shirt color, size, and the required resolution.
  • While gradients and shading are permissible, intricate details may not be as apparent once printed.
  • The maximum print area for adult t-shirts is 12 x 16 inches; however, we suggest designs fit comfortably within a 10 x 10 inch area.
  • We prefer vector images (e.g., Adobe Illustrator), but if you’re submitting raster images (e.g., Photoshop, jpg, png), ensure they’re at least 300 dpi, though 600 dpi is ideal.