Convention Origins Game Fair
Location Columbus OH
Dates 30 Sep 2021 – 03 Oct 2021

Info Booth

We have an information booth just outside of Hall C next to Registration! Stop by and say hello!

Gaymer Gatherings

At 7:00 PM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, join us in room D180 for our Gaymer Gathering! Make friends, play games, and win prizes!

Thank You Vendors!

Thank you to the vendors below who supported Tabletop Gaymers by helping to distribute badge ribbons and through a product donation for our Register Your Ribbon giveaway.

Chip Theory Games (Booth 201)

  • CloudSpire

Czech Games Edition (CGE Demo Area – C170)

  • Galaxy Trucker

Deep Water Games (Booth 627)

  • Floor Plan

Elf Creek Games (Booth 617)

  • End of the Trail

Geeky Endeavors (Booth 837)

  • cool enamel pins!

Green Ronin Publishing (Booth 337)

  • Sacred Band Chronicles – Book 1

GreenBrier Games (Booth 615)

  • BarBEARian (x2)

IELLO (Booth 701)

  • Kitara

Japanime Games (Booth 601)

  • Glitter Hearts

Pandasaurus (Booth 247)

  • Dinosaur World

Shoot Again Games

  • Pinball Showdown (x2)
  • Bigfoot vs Yeti (x2)
  • Conspiracy! (x2)
  • Born to Serve (x2)
  • Looting Atlantis (x2)
Origins Game Fair

Exhibitors with Badge Ribbons