Alright, so here is the deal… the ribbons cost you nothing. As a nonprofit public charity, our policy is to never sell or charge for the ribbons. We happily give these ribbons away at conventions and other gaming events that we visit. They are always made FREE to attendees.

We totally get that they are awesome and you probably want to wear one to work and around the house while you’re doing laundry. But their purpose is to provide visibility, support, and identity to the gayming community at conventions.

I Want One Now!

If you can’t attend one of our convention appearances or events, you can receive a badge ribbon as a donor reward. Make a donation to Tabletop Gaymers. After you’ve completed the donation, you will be taken to a form requesting additional information. Check the boxes next to the swag you’d like and we’ll mail you the swag as a donor reward. Easy peasy… lemon squeezy.

As a bonus, since we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the donation is also a tax deduction!

But I Want a Bunch of Ribbons!

If you want a bunch of ribbons, the first step is to Contact Us to discuss your intentions. Please do not wait until the last minute to do so; requests for your “big event next month” will likely be answered with “sorry, maybe next year.” Otherwise, that conversation will likely go one of a few ways…

Vendor/Merchant Wanting to Sell the Ribbons

Nope. Sorry.

Vendor/Merchant Wanting to Give Away the Ribbons

Maybe. It depends on the means in which you intend to give them away. Please take a moment to review our Distribution Policy and then Contact Us if you are still interested. If we come to an agreement with your distribution plan, we will ask you to make a minimum $250 donation for each pack of 400 ribbons.

Organization/Convention Wanting to Give Away Ribbons at an Event

Contact Us. We may be interested in attending your event and helping set up other Tabletop Gaymer activities. We’ll likely ask that you help us run a fundraiser for the ribbons and related expenses. But please do not start a fundraiser without our prior approval.

I Want to Design My Own Badge Ribbons!

Excellent! We encourage you to do so! You can also make buttons, lanyards, stickers, flags, and everything else. We make no trademark claims to the words GAYMER or ALLY. (Though we do with our designs and the title “Tabletop Gaymers”.)

If you do design your own ribbons or other materials, please keep the following in mind…

  • do not use our designs (20-sided die preceding GAYMER or ALLY)
  • do not use our name, Tabletop Gaymers, or web address
  • do not present yourself as an agent of our organization
  • otherwise, let your creative juices flow!

By the way, the companies we use to print badge ribbons are Marco Promos ( and pc/nametag ( Both of them are excellent companies with quality products. And no, we do not get a commission or any sort of kick-back for recommending them (but we’re open to it, *wink wink nudge nudge*).