Tabletop Gaymers is known for its GAYMER and ALLY Badge Ribbons that we give away at conventions like Gen Con, Origins Game Fair, Gamehole Con, PAX Unplugged, and others. We use this promotional material to help gaymers self-identify at the conference and for allies to show their support. We also use this material to help promote our brand, our mission, and our other programs.

If you’ve picked up some swag at one of our events, please take a moment to register your swag!

If you’re willing to send us a picture of you wearing your swag, please send us a selfie!

If you’re interested in having some of our swag at your tabletop gaming event, please contact us!

Finally, if you are interested in some of our swag for personal pride, check out our Donor Rewards Catalog where you can make a donation and choose what swag you’d like to receive.

GAYMER Badge Ribbons
ALLY Badge Ribbons
SPONSOR Badge Ribbons


GAYMER and ALLY badge ribbons are distributed, for free, at all of our events.

At many of these events, vendors help distribute the ribbons. These vendors understand and support the mission of Tabletop Gaymers. We encourage you to visit our sponsors page and support these vendors. Let them know that you appreciate their support.

SPONSOR badge ribbons are given to our sustaining donors and individuals who make notable contributions.

GAYMER ALLY Wristbands

GAYMER and ALLY Wristbands

GAYMER and ALLY wristbands are sweet swag; pure and simple.

To get a wristband, for free, you need to actively participate during one of our events: ask a question during one of our seminars, teach or win a board game, lead a discussion, volunteer to help carry stuff to or from an event, help raise funds for one of our programs, or make a significant donor contribution.


GAYMER and ALLY Buttons

GAYMER and ALLY Buttons are intended to be used at events where a badge ribbon isn’t practical.

We also use these buttons as thank yous and rewards for participating and attending our Tabletop Gaymer sponsored events. The buttons are 1.75″ round buttons and are perfect to wear after the convention to show your pride and support.

Tabletop Gaymers Enamel Pin

Tabletop Gaymers Enamel Pin

Our premium donor reward is given to our sustaining donors and those who make a significant contribution.