Tabletop Gaymers is looking for individuals interested in becoming officers and joining our Leadership Team.

While we are always interested in “generalists” who can help out with various projects, we are currently looking to fill a number of officer positions:

  • Volunteers Manager
  • Corporate Liaison
  • IRS Compliance Officer
  • Outreach Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Convention Manager for Gen Con

To apply for any of the positions, or to apply as a generalist, please send your resume or c.v. along with a cover letter explaining your area of interest and any relevant materials to [email protected].

For guaranteed consideration for a specific position, please submit your application no later than Tuesday, 15 Nov 2022. Anyone who submits their application before the deadline will have their materials reviewed. Applications may be accepted after the guaranteed consideration deadline on a first come first served basis until the positions are filled. Applications for generalist positions are accepted at any time.

Volunteer Manager

The Volunteer Manager is responsible for coordinating volunteers for events and ensuring there are enough trained volunteers to properly staff events such as Gen Con, Origins, and Gayme Nights. The ideal candidate will have excellent communication and organization skills and be familiar with volunteer coordination.

  • recruit volunteers and provide timely communication with current volunteers
  • develop a volunteer guide and provide basic training for volunteers
  • develop appropriate volunteer rewards and recognition programs
  • coordinate with Event Manager to create volunteer schedules
  • coordinate with Data Manager to maintain volunteer contact information, interests, and availability
  • coordinate with Game Master Manager to cross-populate game host opportunities

Corporate Liaison

The Corporate Liaison is responsible for developing relationships with publishers, manufacturers, developers, and other companies to secure financial and in-kind support. The ideal candidates will have a professional disposition, excellent communication skills, and a working familiarity with the industry.

  • establish and maintain relationships with corporate partners for financial and in-kind support
  • seek out and create cross-promotion opportunities with businesses having a strong DEI presence
  • develop a “sponsor level guide” for partners based on their industry and size of organization
  • solicit unrestricted financial and in-kind contributions for events, programs, and giveaways
  • coordinate with Data Manager to maintain partners’ points of contact, titles, opportunities, financial and in-kind donations, con attendance, and interest in distributing material
  • coordinate with Treasurer to track past financial contributions and in-kind contribution values
  • coordinate with Convention Manager to provide and track ribbon distribution

IRS Compliance Officer

The IRS Compliance Officer is responsible for informing and guiding the organization on IRS-related matters. The ideal candidate will be a CPA familiar with nonprofits, Generally Accepted Account Principles (GAAP), and IRS Form 990 or 990-EZ.

  • provide general guidance to the Board of Directors in maintaining 501(c)(3) good standing
  • provide financial guidance to the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer
  • review financial accounts maintained through QBO and suggest improvements
  • coordinate the preparation and filing of the annual IRS Form 990-EZ

Outreach Manager

The Outreach Manager is responsible for creating and maintaining relationships with other peer service organizations (“PSOs”) such as The Trevor Project, GLSEN, CenterLink, the Game Manufacturers Association; as well as local groups and other organizations focused on other aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The ideal candidate will have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

  • establish and maintain relationships with other PSOs and explore collaboration opportunities
  • maintain and update a list of “Local Gaymer Groups” and their contact information
  • create and maintain a collection of related support services and PSOs
  • coordinate with Data Manager to maintain points of contact, titles, roles, and opportunities
  • coordinate with Communications Manager to develop brochures, guides, and support materials

Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager is responsible for timely and positive representation through social media. The ideal candidate will have excellent coordination skills and will be familiar with a variety of social media platforms.

  • ensure timely and positive representation on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
  • explore new avenues for social media presence
  • coordinate with Communications Manager for consistent messaging and relevant materials
  • coordinate with Event and Program Managers for timely, on-site social media updates
  • coordinate with Video and Streaming Content Manager for promotional opportunities

Convention Manager for Gen Con

Convention Managers are responsible for the high-level aspects of Tabletop Gaymers’ presence at a given convention. They are responsible for coordinating officer attendance, events, and representation; ensuring that all required registrations and submissions deadlines are met. The ideal candidate will have excellent coordination and communication skills, attention to detail, and have significant experience with the convention.

  • attend on Tabletop Gaymers behalf and ensure our successful presence at the convention
  • maintain a list of registration requirements and deadlines and ensure they are met
  • develop contacts and relationships with official convention managers and staff
  • establish relationships with local individuals to assist in handling shipped materials
  • ensure badges, hotel reservations, travel arrangements are made in a timely fashion
  • coordinate with the Volunteer Manager, Game Master Manager, and Panelist Manager to…
    • ensure that the information booth is registered and staffed
    • ensure game events are registered and hosted
    • ensure panel events are registered and panelists are secured
    • ensure social events (e.g. Gaymer Gatherings) are registered and coordinated
  • coordinate with the Corporate Liaison to cross-promote and provide materials to vendors