Bulk Ribbons for Vendors and Organizers


We offer our badge ribbons to vendors and convention coordinators that are supportive of our mission. By obtaining these ribbons, you are indicating that you have read and agree to abide by our Badge Ribbon Distribution Policy.

Please note that this is not a sale; this is a “donor reward” in return for a donation to Tabletop Gaymers from you or your company.

  • Display Pack (Gaymer/Ally) – contains 400 ribbons total (200 gaymer, 200 ally) in a reusable display pack
  • Display Pack (Pronouns) – contains 400 ribbons total (100 She/Her, 100 He/Him, 100 They/Them, and 100 “blank”) in a reusable display pack
  • Bulk Boxes – contains 1000 loose ribbons of the selected type and no display pack

We will include 4 SPONSOR ribbons per pack, 10 per box, for your employees and/or coordinators. These are not to be distributed to attendees.

We do not provide bulk boxes of pronoun ribbons, see the full description below for information on ordering them directly from our manufacturer or contact us for other possible arrangements.



GAYMER and ALLY badge ribbons are printed with a bright silver foil on a rainbow fabric. The fabric is a continuous strip of the rainbow spectrum; the actual cut ribbon shows only a portion, about half, of the spectrum so individual ribbons will vary greatly. We cannot fulfill requests for specific colors/spectrum of the individual ribbons.

SPONSOR badge ribbons are printed on a rainbow foil on black fabric. The rainbow sequence may vary from ribbon to ribbon.

Pronoun Badge Ribbons

Pronoun badge ribbons follow the research and designs created by pronounribbons.org and do not contain any Tabletop Gaymers branding or marks. Tabletop Gaymers makes no claim to the ownership or design of these ribbons. However, we encourage people to use this specific design.

Pronoun ribbons can also be ordered directly from our supplier, MARCO Promos. You can find them by searching for “pronouns” in Badge Ribbons. Be sure to tell them “Tabletop Gaymers sent me!” when you place your order!

We encourage you to follow the research and designs created by pronounribbons.org, including printing them with black ink on a bright green fabric. If you would like to use a different manufacturer, you are welcome to download our pronoun design files which includes an Adobe Illustrator file, PDF versions of the four finished ribbons sized for H1 (4″ x 1 5/8″) sized ribbons, and the Open Font License version of the Encode Sans font.


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