Our friends at Dog Might Games have provided us with a Limited Edition Pride Dragon Sheath to give away to one lucky attendee at Origins who picks up and wears a GAYMER or ALLY badge ribbon.

Registering to win is VERY complicated…

Step 1. Pick up and wear a GAYMER/ALLY badge ribbon at Origins!

Step 2. Register Your Swag!

Phew… that IS complicated!

Terms and Conditions: Big Surprise! No purchase or donation necessary to win. By registering your swag, you WILL be added to Tabletop Gaymers’ mailing list. If you’re already on the list, don’t worry, it will not add you a second time (but you’ll still be registered to win). You will also have the OPTION to be added to Dog Might Game’s mailing list.

While you’re in the mood, check out Dog Might Games’ fundraiser for The Trevor Project! You can pick up cool rainbow gaming gear and support the project’s mission to Saving Young LGBTQ Lives.

Thank you. YOUR pride makes US proud!

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The Trevor Project
Dragon Pride Sheath (Open)
Dragon Pride Sheath (Closed)