Tabletop Gaymers has partnered with KaiOnyx, a leader in charitable merchandise for LGBTQ+ organizations. Through this partner, you can purchase premium apparel branded specifically for Tabletop Gaymers. Over 30% of their net profits are donated to organizations like ours.

Please note: Tabletop Gaymers will receive up to 30% of the net profit from items listed as our official apparel. The purchase itself is not considered a charitable donation from you. The donation is made to Tabletop Gaymers on behalf of KaiOnyx.

Visit the Tabletop Gaymers partner page on KaiOnyx for all of the merchandise available.

These are just some of our favorite designs!

Kai Onyx - Official Tabletop Gaymers Apparel
Drop and Give Me d20
Pink Knight T-Shirt
Geek Life is Like Normal Life, But With Dragons
Prism Meeples T-Shirt