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Jeff Sorensen

Jeff Sorensen, President

Ames Iowa

Jeff (he/him) works for Iowa State University as the manager of IT Web Development Services. He’s been addicted to playing tabletop games since he was a teenager in the 80’s. His first experience was playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (1E) with an older cousin who brought the game back with him from college. His first convention was Gen Con in 2005.

Zach Lones

Zach Lones, Secretary

Seattle Washington

Zach works at Microsoft as a software developer.

Justin Nauman

Justin Nauman, Treasurer

Ames Iowa

Justin (he/him/his) works for Iowa State University in the Office of Admissions as a web developer. He brings his experience from past leadership roles in several organizations to the board. Always an avid video gamer, Justin was introduced to tabletop games in college where he first fell in love with Dungeons & Dragons and Euro-style strategy games.

Justin Nauman

Brenda Havens, Director

Indianapolis Indiana

Brenda is a self-employed IT consultant based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. A strong advocate for diversity, inclusion, and people striving for equality, she has fund-raised for Indiana Equality Action and in 2016 launched a ‘5000 Conversations’ project handing out 5000 rainbow ALLY buttons over the next year to promote discussions of equality for the LGBTQ community. Brenda’s gaming involves video games, RPGs, and board games; and she is always eager to try something new.

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